The Virgo observatory in Italy has a data-sharing agreement with the LSC. LSC is made up of more than 800 scientists belonging to over 60 institutions from 13 different nations worldwide. This decision was announced at a meeting of the LSC held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

The data-analysis group of IndIGO is planning to contribute to the LSC working groups searching for GW signals from compact binary coalescences, and stochastic GW sources. A sizeable share in a 20 Teraflops high-performance-computing facility that is being set up at IUCAA will be available for the data-analysis activities. The data centre may be enhanced several folds to match a LSC Tier-2 facility by 2014 if funding requests are successful. The IndIGO experimental group's planned activities include the development of advanced lasers and optical components, and research and training in advanced interferometer. As part of the activities, a 3-meter prototype of an advanced interferometer is being built in TIFR. Additionally, the community is actively exploring the possibility of installing one Advanced LIGO detector in India. If successful, this would significantly enhance the scientific case of the network of advanced detectors.