The session on the 8th February to be held in the India International Centre will be inaugurated by M.G.K. Menon and involve presentations by the Acting Director of LIGO-Australia, Stan Whitcomb; Chair of ACIGA, Jesper Munch; AIGRC Director, David Blair; IndIGO Council representatives C.S. Unnikrishnan and Sanjeev Dhurandhar. This will be followed by meetings of the international representatives, heads of Government Departments, Directors of major Scientific Institutions and IndIGO Council members.

Currently other confirmed list of participants include representative of the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India D.D. Bhawalkar, Chair of IndIGO National Steering Committee Kailash Rustagi, IndIGO Council members Bala Iyer and Tarun Souradeep, IUCAA Director Ajit Kembhavi, Heads of RRCAT Laser and Ultra-High-Vaccum sections P.K. Gupta and P.K. Shukla respectively. The sessions on the next two days 9th and 10th February at Jamia Milia Islamia University, co-hosted by the CTP, JMI, would be devoted to more specific discussions on the technical and scientific aspects of the endeavour. Participation in the meeting is through invitation only1.

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