• B. S. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff University, UK)
  • Alan J. Weinstein (Caltech, USA)
  • Sanjeev V. Dhuranduar (IUCAA, Pune)
  • C. S. Unnikrishnan (TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Patrick Dasgupta (DU, Delhi)
  • A. Gopakumar (TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Sanjay Jhingan (Jamia Milia, Delhi)
  • K. G. Arun (CMI, Chennai)
  • Archana Pai (IISER, Trivandrum)
  • Anand Sengupta (University of Delhi)
  • K. Rajesh Nayak (IISER, Kolkata)
  • G. Rajalakshmi (TIFR, Mumbai)
  • Suresh Doravari (Caltech, USA)
  • P. Ajith (Caltech, USA)


The lectures will be held at the University Conference Centre. It is located opposite Botany Department. Here is a Google Direction Map to come from 'Vishvavidyala' Metro Station to the Conference Centre. It's a short walk or you could take a rickshaw from the Metro Station for Rs. 15. Participants staying in the University Guest House or Gwyer Hall could walk across the University Garden Google Direction Map (from Gate No. 3 side) along the Vice-Chancellor's Office to reach the Conference Centre.


ISGWA-2010 Registration Desk will open at 08:30 AM on Monday, 13th December at the University Conference Centre.


Day Date 0900 1015 1130 1230 1400 1545
Mon 13 Dec Intro1 - BSS Intro2 - AG Intro3 - AJW Lunch DA Lab 0 PA
Tue 14 Dec TSM I - SVD DA I - BSS IS I - AJW Lunch TSM Tut I - SVD Free
Wed 15 Dec TSM Tut II - SVD DA II - KRN IS II - AJW Lunch DA Lab I & II - PA
Thu 16 Dec TSM II - SVD DA III - AP IS III - CSU Lunch DA Lab III & IV -PA
Fri 17 Dec TSM III - AG DA IV - AJW IS IV - CSU Lunch IS Lab I & II - CSU/SD
Sat 18 Dec TSM IV -AG DA V - SVD IS V - CSU Lunch Free
Mon 20 Dec TSM V - PDG DA VI - Spill Over IS V - CSU Lunch DA Lab V & VI AS
Tue 21 Dec TSM VI - PDG Free IS VI - CSU Lunch IS Lab III & IV - GR/SD
Wed 22 Dec TSM VII - KGA DA VII - AP IS VII - CSU Lunch IS Lab V & VI - GR/SD
Fri 24 Dec TSM IX - KGA DA IX - AS IS IX - CSU Lunch End

TSM Theory & Source modelling, DA data analysis, IS Instrumental Science,GW: Gravitational Waves
BSS B. S. Sathyaprakash, SVD S. V. Dhurandhar, AJW Alan J. Weinstein, KRN K. R. Nayak, PA P. Ajith, AG: A. Gopakumar, CSU C. S. Unnikrishnan, PDG Patrick Dasgupta, GR G. Rajalakshmi, SD Suresh Doravari, KGA K. G. Arun, AS Anand Sengupta, AP Archana Pai


  • Intro I - DA I: GW Astronomy, DA II-DA III: Matched Filtering Technique, DA IV: GW Detection Methodologies, DA V: Searching Compact Binaries, DA VII: Multi-detector GW Search, DA VIII: LISA Data Analysis, DA IX: State of the art of GW astronomy
  • Intro II: Introduction to GW, TSM I-TSM II: General Relativity, TSM III-TSM VI: GW Theory, TSM VII-TSM VIII: Sources and Modelling, TSM IX: Future prospects in source modelling
  • Intro III - IS IX: GW Detector Science


Participant will be accommodated in the Gwyer Hall (Men's Hostel) and the adjoining University Guest House. They are located on Vishvavidyalaya Marg opposite Delhi University Sports Complex. Google Map

How to reach University of Delhi

From the Inter-state Bus Terminus:
Take the Underground Metro train to Vishvavidhyalaya Station which is at Mall Road. Alternatively, take a bus or autorichshaw to Mall Road bus stop. The University Gate and the University guest house are within about 1/2 km on the University Road (Viswavidyalaya Marg). It is a pleasant walk (not during the summer months). However, cycle rickshaws are also available and will typically charge Rs. 10/- Before reaching the University Gate, you will find the University Guest House and the Post Graduate Mens' Hostel on the left

From the Railway Station:
Take the Underground Metro train (Yellow Line) to Vishvavidhyalaya Station which is at Mall Road. and follow the dirctions given above. Otherwise, you may take a prepaid taxi or auto from the Railway Station. Make sure that you ask for the North campus. (The south campus of the University is in an entirely different part of the city.) In case you need to specify further, the well known places near by are Mall road, Kamla Nagar, St. Stephen's College and Maurice Nagar.

From the Airport:
From both the international airport and the domestic airport take a prepaid taxi ticket and follow the instructions as mentioned above. Taxi Services: MERU (Phone: +91-11-4422 4422), Easy Cabs (Phone: +91-11-4343 4343).

List of selected candidates

A list of selected candidates for the ISGWA 2010 is available here: Download PDF.

Useful Information

  • Kamla Nagar and Connaught Place are ideal places for dining out/ shopping etc. From the Guest House, you can take a rickshaw/auto to Kamla Nagar (about Rs. 20) where as Connaught Place is a short Metro ride from Vishvavidyala stop along Delhi Metro's Yellow Line towards Huda City Centre/Central Secretariat. You have to get down at 'Rajiv Chowk' stop.
  • Restaurants in Kamla Nagar and Connaught Place
  • Taxi Services (call or book online): MERU Taxi (Phone: +91-11-4422 4422), EasyCabs (Phone: +91-11-4343 4343).
  • Free Yellow Pages Service about Delhi: +91-11-2222 2222 from www.justdial.com
  • Weather in Delhi: Wikipedia Link
  • Rail/Air Ticketing Service: Contact Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal +91-99909 33033
  • University Guest House Phone Number: +91-11-2766 7544; Gwyer Hall Website Phone Number: +91-11-27662532
  • Local Organizing Committee Contact Numbers: Anand (+91-8800474856), Seshadri (+91-99719 54775), Atmjeet(+91-9717779845).