Main Topics:
  • Astrodynamics, ephemeris, and mission orbit design/simulation
  • Solar-system measurement and solar-system-parameter determination
  • Tests and empirical foundations of relativistic gravity
  • Detection of gravitational waves and gravitational-wave astronomy
  • Solar seismology and solar models
  • Technological development for space laser ranging and laser experiment in space: Laser Technologies (ranging, communication, interferometry), Frequency Standards, Drag-free Technologies, etc.
  • ASTROD I mission concept study
  • ASTROD mission concept study
  • ASTROD-GW mission concept study

Conference Organisers:
Bala Iyer (India) and Wei-Tou Ni (China)
Contact : bri At rri dot res dot in, weitou At gmail dot com

Participation by Invitation only. For an invitation write to Conference Organisers at the following email: locastrod5 At rri dot res dot in.