Two kinds of positions are offered:
  • Post Doctoral Fellow (3 years): Emoluments range from Rs 21,000-24,000 plus 30% housing allowance per month, and a contingency grant of Rs 20,000 per annum.
  • Post Doctoral Visiting Scientist (2 years): Emoluments range from Rs 35,000-43,000 plus 30% housing allowance per month. This position requires minimum 1 year of postdoctoral experience. Post doctoral fellows in scheme 1 can be considered for this position after a year.
The Astrophysical Relativity group includes P. Ajith (permanent faculty), Bala Iyer , Tarun Souradeep and Rana Adhikari (adjunct faculty members). K. G. Arun , Sascha Husa and Mark Hannam are visiting associates. Adjunct faculty members and visiting associates are expected to spend from several weeks to a few months every year at ICTS. Several undergraduate and graduate students are also expected to join the group in the next year. The group will have a strong involvement in the proposed LIGO-India project, the IndIGO consortium and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration . In addition, the group expects to develop close collaborations with the astrophysics and gravitational physics groups of the neighboring Indian Institute of Science and Raman Research Institute , in addition to other research groups of ICTS. The group is organizing a one-month long ICTS program in numerical relativity during June-July 2013. Such programs are expected to be organized regularly. In addition to a high-performance computer cluster that the Centre is in the process of purchasing, group members will have access to several large clusters in India and abroad.

Interested candidates are requested send their CV, list of publications and a research proposal of not more than two pages by e-mail to gravity.postdocs (at) Please also arrange at least three reference letters to be sent to the same e-mail. The nominal deadline is 1 December 2012; but applications will be considered until positions are filled. The nominal starting date of 1 September 2013 is negotiable. Informal queries may be addressed to ajith (at)

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