This one-day workshop is aimed at providing a broad overview of gravitational-wave astronomy with focus on carrying out multi-messenger astronomy jointly with electromagnetic observations. The workshop is motivated by the emerging possibility of building a gravitational-wave observatory in India and the emerging interest among the Indian astronomy community in time-domain astronomy.


The workshop will feature three introductory lectures in the forenoon followed by a hands-on session in the afternoon.
  • Sanjit Mitra (IUCAA): “Gravitational-wave astronomy: A new window to the Universe”
  • Varun Bhalerao (IUCAA): "Seeing what we hear: Electromagnetic counterparts to Gravitational wave events”
  • Rajesh K. Nayak (IISER-Kolkata): “Gravitational-wave detection: Introduction to experimental and data analysis methods”

Afternoon hands-on session will be lead by P. Ajith (ICTS-TIFR), K. G. Arun (CMI), Archisman Ghosh (ICTS-TIFR), M. K. Haris (IISER-TVM), Nairwita Mazumder (IISER-TVM), Rajesh Nayak (IISER-Kol), and Anand Sengupta (IIT-GN).


The workshop is targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students. However, applications from postdocs and senior scientists can be considered if they are exceptionally motivated in attending the workshop. If you are interested, please send your CV and a write-up (up to 500 words) describing your interest and motivation in participating the workshop (in a single PDF file) to the e-mail id: gw_asi2014 at by 6 February 2014. Please also arrange to send one recommendation letter directly to the same e-mail id before the deadline. Selected candidates will be informed well before 15 February 2014.


Local organizers have kindly agreed to provide campus accommodation for the workshop participants till 19 March 2014. In general, the workshop organizers do not provide financial support to the participants. However, limited resources are available to support the travel who are unable to find support from their home institution. In your application, please indicate whether you will require the travel support from the workshop organizers. In any case, participants of the ASI2014 meeting will not be considered for financial support. Preference will be given to applicants who can arrange support from their home institutions.

Organizers: P. Ajith (ICTS-TIFR), Archana Pai (IISER-TVM)