The school will involve four graduate-level courses on different topics of gravitational-wave astronomy. The lectures will be given by five leading experts on these topics (Patrick Dasgupta, Bala R. Iyer, M. Coleman Miller, Peter Saulson, Chris Van Den Broeck).

The school is mainly intended for graduate students working (or starting to work) on gravitational-wave astronomy, high-energy astrophysics, cosmology and related areas. The school can also accommodate a few postdoctoral researchers working on (or planning to work on) these areas and a few highly motivated senior undergraduates.

Courses and lecturers

  • Introduction to the theory of GWs (Patrick Dasgupta / Bala Iyer)
  • Introduction to the experimental physics of GW detection (Peter Saulson)
  • Astrophysics of GW sources (M. Coleman Miller)
  • Bayesian approach to GW data analysis (Chris Van Den Broeck)